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Smart Data Solutions

for Smarter Marketers

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Clean, transformed marketing data sets hosted in the Cloud


Smart Data Solutions for Smarter Marketing

Cloud hosted, custom built datasets for Reporting, Business Intelligence and Marketing Analytics

Simple Reporting

Aggregated and transformed datasets for simple operational reporting. Marketers can finally focus on meaningful reporting rather than complex data integration and IT issues
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Advanced Business Intelligence

Cloud hosted datawarehouses supporting complex drill-down reporting and advanced business intelligence to support Marketing Optimization and Executive decision making
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Business Analytics

Transformed datasets designed specially to support statistical analysis and multiple techniques covering segmentation, regression, decision trees and time series analysis
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Custom built, cloud hosted Marketing datasets

Clean, transformed Marketing datasets for Simple Reporting, Advanced Business Intelligence and Statistical Analysis. Ready access to structured, unstructured or hybrid datasets to support complex Marketing Analysis

Secure, Reliable and 24X7 access to clean, transformed data

Secure, 24X7 access to fully integrated and transformed data in the format you want, at the time you want. Data that you fully own.

Accelerated Marketing Insights delivery with an unbeatable ROI

Pay-as-you-go pricing, no lengthy contracts and minimal capital investment. A truly compelling investment business case to support expedited Marketing Insights delivery